Student Success Coaching

What is the Student Success Coaching Program?

The Student Success Coaching Program is an academic support service provided to all actively enrolled undergraduates and is uniquely designed to help students build the needed foundation for a successful semester and academic year.

Through collaborative 1:1 sessions, students learn to develop learning strategies, establish healthy study habits, cultivate self-advocacy, build a campus support system, and so much more. It is important to note that success coaching is not academic advising, personal counseling, or one-on-one tutoring for a particular course.

The Student Success Program embraces a holistic support model and empowers students to: 

  • Objectively assess barriers to academic success
  • Establish attainable educational goals
  • Develop and maintain positive daily routines
  • Improve time management and organizational skills
  • Enhance self-esteem and self-advocacy skills
  • Develop personal study schedules
  • Become active learners and class participants
  • Take effective lecture notes
  • Prepare for exams, quizzes, and presentations
  • Balance academic and social demands
  • Establish rapport with professors and key campus partners
  • Utilize and build campus support systems

What is the role of a Student Success Coach (SSC)?

Student Success Coaches are GW graduate students that are trained to use interactive and intentional methods to empower and motivate students to set and work towards attainable goals, access campus resources, effectively manage schedules, utilize appropriate study strategies, and better acclimate to the campus environment.

SSC’s play an integral role in equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to successfully navigate their undergraduate experience.

How can I connect with a Student Success Coach?

The Student Success Coaching Program offers flexible scheduling for individualized sessions. Weekly and continuous sessions are recommended; however, one time appointments are also available, even during the continuity period. Students can contact [email protected] to learn more about the program or follow these instructions on the Penji App to be paired with a coach.

Meet the Coaches

Meet our wonderful Student Success Coaches and learn more about them. 


Every Wednesday, join us for a Neighborhood Success Workshop featuring a variety of topics.

Tips for Success

Our team is here to help you succeed, whether you're on campus or virtual. Get tips and tricks on how to set yourself up for success!