Undergraduate Withdrawal Process

Deciding to leave GW, in any capacity, can be overwhelming to navigate. Please utilize this page as you go through the withdrawal process. If you decide that you would like to return at a later date, The Office for Student Success would be happy to assist you. 

Fill out the Complete Withdrawal Form and complete the GW Withdrawal Survey as part of your first steps. The infographic below will help guide you through others considerations of the process. If you are considering returning to GW, more information on readmission can be found on the Undergraduate Admissions webpage

infographic v4


Withdrawal Process

Learn more about the complete process, each detailed step, and things you need to be aware of when you decide to withdraw from the University. 

Student Checklist

Complete a checklist that reviews major steps of the Undergraduate Withdrawal Process. 

Returning to GW

Return to GW with the help of The Office of Undergraduate Admissions.