Withdrawal Process

The Withdrawal Process can be overwhelming, but The Office for Student Success is here to help. Below are the steps required for you to withdraw to help ensure a smooth transition. 



  1. If you are an undergraduate student in GWSB, CCAS, SEAS, ESIA, or GWSPH you can withdraw up to the last day of classes for the term. If your intent is to withdraw from all courses you will need to first meet with your Adviser.
    • Please note: GWEB will prevent you from completely withdrawing until you have first met with an adviser and a representative from the Office for Student Success has finalized your request. 
  2. On-campus courses dropped prior to the start of the semester (before the first day of classes) will have 100% of the tuition charges canceled. Courses dropped beginning the first day of classes are subject to the university refund schedule, which governs the prorated cancellation of semester tuition charges in cases of program adjustment or withdrawal.
  3. If you are attempting to drop all courses before the 4th week of classes, during the fall or spring term, and you plan to return to GW to complete your degree, you should also complete the Leave of Absence form for the semester in which you are completely dropping in order to maintain your active student status. 
  4. If you complete this form after the 4th week and before the 10th week of classes during the fall or spring term you will be withdrawn from all your classes and receive a “W”. 
  5. Be sure to include all lectures, laboratories, and recitations on the complete withdrawal/drop form.


  • Cancel your housing contract and begin the check-out process.
    • GW Housing (for campus residents): (202) 994-2552
  • Request a refund for any remaining balance on your card. 
    • GWorld Office: (202) 994-1795
  • Finalize your refund or settle any outstanding balances.
    • Student Accounts Office: (202) 994-7350
  • Update any financial aid or grant information with the federal and state government.
    • Office for Student Financial Assistance: (202) 994-6620
    • If you have loans, you will have to complete Exit Counseling


These are offices that the student may need to have a conversation with before they withdraw. We plan to contact these offices, to notify them, once we receive the notification, but the student is encouraged to move forward with having the discussion prior to our meeting. 

The Office for Student Success will reach out to each of the following offices to make them aware of your decision to withdraw and relay any pertinent information that you may want to consider before the final step in the process. 

Academic Advising
_______ I have met with my Academic Advisor to discuss withdrawal options and understand the potential impact on my academic plan.

Financial Aid/Student Account
______ I understand that withdrawing from all of my classes may result in me owing money to the university or the federal government.

______I understand the impact that the withdrawal may have on my continued eligibility to participate in collegiate sports now and in the future. 

Veteran Support Services
______ I understand the impact that a withdrawal may have on my veteran benefits. 

International Student Services
______I have contacted the International Services Office to discuss my desire  to drop/withdraw and understand the impact this may have on my VISA. 

Disability Support Services
______ I  have contacted Disability Support Services to review how a withdrawal will affect my accommodations and ability to obtain continued support.