What is Summer Academy?

Summer Academy is an immersive academic experience that enables students to improve academic performance, satisfy academic progress that may impact their ability to receive financial aid, and to make timely progress towards graduation. In addition to taking courses that count toward a program of study, Summer Academy students develop academic habits to ensure continued success. The program provides structured support, skills-based seminars, weekly one-on-one meetings with a Success Coach, access to tutoring, campus resources, and a supportive community of peers ensures that students have the opportunity to be successful.

What are the dates for Summer Academy 2022?

Summer Session I takes place May 16th-June 25th. 
Summer Session II takes place June 27th- August 6th. 

Who is eligible for Summer Academy? How do I apply?

It is important to note that there is no application process for Summer Academy participation. Summer Academy is an invitation only program, limited and restricted to students who are either on academic probation, struggling academically, or falling behind in credit hours earned or students who require credit needed to ensure a timely graduation. Students who qualify for the program will be invited prior to the start of Spring Break in March. A few spaces will be reserved for students who will be invited in late spring. Because we have more students than we are able to accommodate each year, we work closely with advisors to determine which students would benefit most from participation.

How much will participating in Summer Academy cost me? 

The costs of the course(s), bi-weekly academic seminars, individualized coaching, tutoring and supplemental instruction will be covered by the program. Full funding for courses (including tuition and fees) will be awarded to students based on financial need. Students will be responsible for most, if not all of the following: course materials, food, travel, and housing costs; however, funding may be available for students that demonstrate high financial need.  

Speaking of housing, does Summer Academy cover housing and food, too?

On-campus housing costs may be covered for a limited number of Summer Academy participants who qualify. Students who are offered housing/meal plans will be notified directly. Funding is based on a student’s financial need and available spaces in housing, with priority given to students with greatest financial need. 

I’ve received an invitation to Summer Academy…now what? 

If you have received an invitation to Summer Academy and would like to participate, please be sure to thoroughly read your invitation email and submit your confirmation by the deadline. Failure to do so can  result in you losing your spot in Summer Academy. 

I participated in Summer Academy last year so that means I’ll automatically receive an invitation this year, right? 

Previous participation in Summer Academy does not guarantee an invitation for any future year. Each year, students are selected and invited individually based on their academic progress, financial need, etc. 

My advisor mentioned Summer Academy to be during a meeting. Does that mean I’ll automatically receive an invitation? 

An advisor’s mention of Summer Academy does not mean you automatically qualify for Summer Academy. We work directly with advisors to determine which students can benefit the most from the program. Based on academic progress, financial aid, etc., we will determine if you are selected for the program. Feel free to contact your advisor to learn more about Summer Academy or to discuss how you think Summer Academy will be beneficial to your academic progress at GW. However, it does not guarantee a spot in the program.

I received an invitation for Summer Academy but I didn’t think I needed it and the deadline has passed. Is it possible to accept my invitation late?

It is essential that you adhere to the specific deadlines within your invitation email. Each year, we have more students interested in the program that we can accommodate. Once a student does not accept the invitation by the outlined deadline, their spot is given to another qualifying student. If you received an invitation and missed the deadline, please reach out to an Office for Student Success staff member ASAP at [email protected]. Exceptions may be made but there is no guarantee. 

 I know I’m behind in credits, but I’m not sure what classes to take during the summer. Do I just register for any class? Who should I talk to?

Once you’ve received an invitation to Summer Academy and have confirmed your participation, you should immediately reach out to your advisor to discuss which class(es) you should take in the summer. It’s important to have this conversation to ensure you are taking classes that will count toward the completion of your degree program.

Will I be required to take a class in Summer I and II? What if the classes I need to take are only offered in one session? 

Students who are participating in Summer Academy will be required to take 1 course in each session, unless you are a graduating senior. If the courses you need are only offered in one session, an exception can be made. Please be sure to reach out to [email protected] if you have additional questions. 

I was offered housing in Summer Academy. However, I don’t want it. Can I decline it?

If you are offered housing and a meal plan as a part of your Summer Academy invitation, it is not mandatory for you to accept it. Declining Summer Academy housing and meal plan means that you will be fully financially responsible with ALL housing and food related costs that you accrue this summer. 

The class(es) I need are not offered at GW during the summer. Am I allowed to take consortium courses in the summer through Summer Academy?

If you are interested in taking a consortium course during the summer, you will be required to speak with Summer Academy staff before registering for the course. 

If I'm on a SAP Warning for Spring 2022, am I required to participate in Summer Academy?

While Summer Academy is not required, it may be beneficial for you to participate, as it can help with your credit completion, ultimately putting you in a better position for academic success for the Fall.